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||136||: I Am Willing to Let Go

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad

Hey folks it’s Tuesday, a day earlier than my mid week post. I wanted share this with you because it resonated with me. I saw this on Instagram, you’ll find the link of the source, in the caption of the photo below ⬇️.


For years I’ve focused on the filter of Minimalism and it’s mostly been about stuff, sorting it, decluttering it, selling and donating. (Sigh) such a long project with no end.

When in actuality, adopting a simplicity mindset is also about letting go, and that can mean many things.

  • Letting go of the old self
  • Letting go of stored trauma
  • Letting go of past decisions
  • Letting go of gossip and misery (protective of energy)
  • Letting go of racial stereotypes
  • Letting go of the stories of myself that hold me back
  • Letting go of the need of control
  • Letting go of fixing others
  • Listening more, less defending and explaining.
  • The list continues – growing and transforming.

My favorite mantras 🕉

Leave People Alone.
Let People Be.
Hold space and listen without fixing.

Let go & let people be their true selves, without the meddling. When we adopt the:

I am Affirmation – we stop our need of controlling other people’s lives, it frees us.

It allows us to focus on our truth, our life’s mission, to meditate and heal our traumas.

It allows us to focus on our own personal assignments. Life is vapor that we cannot contain. We can cherish the present and let things be, be willing to let go.

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