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||27||: May I Hug You?

Photo by August de Richelieu

I haven’t seen my Mom since last year Thanksgiving weekend. During these months, so many changes have occurred, so many emotional transitions and we’ve comforted one another through the phone.
We talk each week and join the weekly family Zoom Meetups, still there’s nothing that compares to human touch.

As the Summer events approach, we talked this week about seeing each soon and discussed if we’d hug.
My first reaction will be to squeeze and embrace my Mom. I’ve never had to overthink or replay the consequences of our physical touch, not with Mom. But, for a moment I wondered if it would be okay, would we put each other at risk?
It’s not a second thought with my hubby because we know that we’d risk it all just to hold each other. However with Mom, I wanted to know how she felt, did she want to do a fist bump and would we hug each other wearing ponchos? We both laughed and I said in a nervous, quiet, choked up voice, I’m hugging you…darn it!

If you’re practicing physical distancing, when was the last time you were hugged, touched or physically greeted by another person? I’ve received a light casual hug a couple weeks ago. Still, a tight hug the type where your chest is smothered and you rock one another in a giddy dance. I-am-missing-that. I do my best not to think about it because tears will flow, and sometimes tears just need to flow.

If my Mom is reading this, I just want her to know, that I look forward to seeing her, most likely through a mask with bright wide eyes and a tightly involved hug.

((Oh hey Dad)) 🥰🤗

There is so much going on in the world, so I’ve reconnected with my online community on IG. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

With Love,

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