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||69||: Day 3/4 of The Minimalism Game

Photo by Karolina G.
Sometimes I still feel guilty letting go of gifts. As if the person who shared the gift attached a condition or tracking device (No, boo, they did not). Let the weight go — burdens were lifted at Calvary.

Well when I write it down, it sounds crazy. I’m too grown for this but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. The holiday season is here, so let’s make room for Holiday cheer and people we hold dear.

I’m sure many of us have received items that we don’t like or never plan to use. So what to do? Do I stand in line with my gift receipt hoping that friend or relative doesn’t bump into me at the scene? I wouldn’t even gift my stuff to anyone. That’s passing on the burden they didn’t ask for. I like to give it away quickly and as I pack it away to the seeking stranger (because someone is seeking this thing I’m holding onto).

  • I smile or sigh in relief — The effort is worth it, let me tell you. I really appreciate this and the person that thought of me and now I must let it go so I can focus my time and energy on things I use daily.
  • My best self does not need this type of stress. My best self instead wants to be free, for laundry to be a quick breeze, to pack clothing with minimal stress, so that travel will be more freeing.
  • I’m seeking a tidy home where guests can stop by impromptu without a cleaning marathon.
  • I’m seeking a total transformation that doesn’t involve all these things. It involves, freedom in ways that I long to experience.
  • Those who are searching for the items I’m holding onto, I hope that my letting go becomes their blessing. I hope that the gift I give to honor my self and my home extends to many in the community.
  • I hope that my actions of self love encourages others to do the same based on how I live my life. I hope that my new habits help me see that time, money, energy and memories are all precious.
  • I hope to be content and use the extra earnings to uplift and bless others.

Repeat these intentions, be encouraged and imagine what could be, one day at a time.

With Gratitude,


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