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||71||: Finding Balance One Tiny Habit At A Time…

In the new season we are reminded of change. If we look at the leaves, and as the temperature drops we cover our bodies with many layers, even our moods may adjust to cope with the emotional climate. With new seasons we must adapt. I’m learning to adapt and when I’m not feeling my best self, I return to making tiny adjustments daily.

  1. I listen to my gut: I do what’s best for me. Not what’s best, according to my age, sex, race or culture. Intuition has worked in my favor, the sooner I listen to my inner security system the sooner I feel a sense of relief.
  2. Fresh Air, Sunshine, Nature. I can be a total homebody, so transitioning from indoors to outdoors, whew I feel recalibrated and completely alive. An hour walk, taking a deep breath and when the cool crisp air blows around me, now that’s sweet tranquility.
  3. I minimize phone use: When I’m exhausted and under stress, my anxiety goes up and I put my phone on silent. I think it’s important for me not to jump/twitch at every vibration or ringtone. This works for me, according to your personal responsibilities, I understand not all take part in this.
  4. I take a break from Social Media: Similar to minimizing phone use, I simply let go or use less of the platforms that no longer align with my priorities. I think it’s important to take notice of habits that deplete your energy. What I need now is, more outdoor connection and face to face talks. It has taken more intention for me to call and text family/friends. This action feels more considerate — in times like these. People need people.
  5. I sing: I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free. Singing maintains my purpose to uplift and communicate with God, pouring out praise and adoration. That energy is not for money or self promotion, it simply helps me heal.
  6. I cook with love and color: For me that means I cook something that’s delicious, that makes me feel proud of my work. And when I cook, I choose foods that I’d order at restaurant downtown and I use as many colorful foods I have in my kitchen. And when I devour that food, I truly feel that I love and appreciate myself. It’s a mixture of love and respect for my temple.
  7. I repeat affirmations, pray, and meditate: All of these practices are done differently according to your culture, community and where you live in the world. According to Treasure, I repeat “I am” affirmations, to remind who I am and where I want to be. I sit, kneel in child’s pose, or lay down in a comfortable position. There are many different types of meditation, I focus mainly on breathing, body scanning, and visualization to manifest and attract positivity and major goals.
  8. I wear my natural hair texture: I did a big chop in 2010 and another in 2018, and again September 2020. It’s important for me to have a low maintenance hair routine and to embrace my natural authentic self no matter if it’s rejected or misunderstood by others. I’m not a fan of guilting anyone to follow the “Natural movement”. I’m a fan of encouraging people, minding my business, and documenting my life to remind myself how far I’ve come. I prefer my natural curly texture and when it comes to hair, your hair your business
  9. Community: Connecting with affirming people is everything. Meeting people who are authentic, who have skills and resources that are incredibly helpful, or participate in a movement you truly believe in. That can be your sacred place, that encourage you to grow beyond the year before. It’s exciting and such a fortunate experience to be part of a group that understands you.
  10. Celebrate 🎉: “For every mountain you’ve brought me through, FOR THIS I give you praise.” I have so much to be grateful for. In those moments when I pause, I make sure to do a happy dance, play music, eat an ice-cream come with sprinkles and live with gratitude. While you have the ability to dance, I hope you dance.

With Gratitude,


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