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||95||: Hello Creator! What Are Your Tools?

We Are Creators.

Every creator needs a tool to illustrate their work to be efficient and precise. So along the way we collect items till we find that tool that helps us produce our best work.

Maybe at one point, we pick up a pair of scissors, then realizes the scissor isn’t best. So we purchase a sharper scissors hoping for a precise cut, and it delivers. So we add an X-Acto knife to the toolbox. Perfect, now the results have improved, and we’re proud of our work. So what happens along the way is, we have extra stuff, it happens without being conscious. We can then decide to pass it along to another creator, sell it, or maybe we’ll keep it, yup, hoard it because here we are overwhelmed by indecision and parting with the hard earned stuff is excruciating. I hear you, I’ve felt similar feelings. It hurts because it costs so much, (right?) and our parents didn’t raise us to be wasteful and ungrateful.

This analogy of the creator is all of us, that’s why I’m sharing a photo of my books straight off my book shelf. The 16 books, I own, not including notebooks, oops. But that’s for another post. I’m sure there are writers who do not own a notebook and keep digital books only. I’m not one of them. I love me a book, both my parents are educator, writers, and speak in their community. My love for words has been past down to me.

I’ve always had a love for art and writing, that’s why handwriting, putting pen to paper holds value for me. When I write my posts, I grab my phone, tablet or computer because my mind is racing and I prefer to write as quickly as possible.

Once upon a time I studied English Literature and Psychology and I had a lot of textbooks. I remember the stories I’d tell myself repeatedly. I need to keep all these books, they’re so beautifully bound, I love the smell of an old book. I want to look at them ALL of them for reference. Today you’ll see the books I’m holding, are personal, I’ve made edits since I’ve moved twice within the last 4 years. The books I own, I’m currently reading, have been recently given to me. I’m prepared to look back at them at the end of the year, and ask myself as a creator, does this tool help me create the life I want now?

I’ve given myself permission to let many things go, sometimes it’s a verbal contract, other times it’s affirmations on my wall written with chunky black marker.

I understand, there is a privilege in letting go. Not everyone has the resources to travel and place items in particular locations, not many people can afford to let go of things if they’re living in poverty. Ello? We’re in a pandemic, so pardon my story. The point is, if this applies to you, I’m so happy, you got this homie. If you’re rolling your eyes, I feel you, this is not your ministry… your voice is valid.

However, if this journey of letting go, and putting forth effort to recreate the life you want is your permission slip… please take it and write down your intentions. This is Now. Now is all we have. Yesterdays and Somedays have faded away.

When to let go? When you give yourself permission to be free. It’s about living your best life, no drama, no weight, no extra bullshit, only what represents your now, type of life. The possibilities of growth and change, are available, as soon as you The Creator are ready. When The Creator is crystal clear, you can do your best work.

Photo by Singkham

I am a creator who loves to read, write, sing, and spend quality time having authentic conversations with the people I love.

What do you love to create?

What are your best tools that add value to your life?



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