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||121||: 3AM Yoga

Photo by Andre Moura

It’s been awhile since I’ve done Yoga, I have the mat close by ready to stretch out and breathe. I once owned the block and strap (holding these items tighter than my commitment to this practice).

My body needs this self care ritual, and so my inner voice said, start now.

In the past, I’ve told myself I couldn’t do it. I do that sometimes, allow perfectionism and fear to speak for me, deny myself of pleasure and growth. It’s absolute bullocks, and so I said, sit your cheeks down T, it’s time to release. So my higher self took over and my body followed the lead.

I finally just rolled out the mat, sat naked in front of the floor length mirror, played Yoga with Adriene, the beginner post about 35 mins.

I closed my eyes fully in the moment,

Her voice guided me,

Breathing deeply in a dream like state,

Eyes closed like a mediative prayer, Surrendering to her guidance.

With every twist, pose, stretch, and breath, the flow turned into vulnerability, acceptance and grace.

I smiled knowing that even in my imperfections, I’m still here, full of life, time the greatest gift.

I have mobility, I have the strength and ability.

It proved that even when it hurts, aches, and feels slightly uncomfortable,

I can trust my body, adjust, I can pause, begin again and keep going. This isn’t an all or nothing, this isn’t writing in pen or permanent marker.

It’s an open book, with pencil, erasing and resetting is optional.

If tenderness and affirmations is what I need, then here it is:

  • I am capable of giving my body exactly what it needs.
  • I accept of every inch and curve of my body.
  • My body is beautiful, sacred and sexy.

What I learned at 3am, sprawled out naked on the mat, is that I need to let go, trust myself, even with uncertainty, do it anyway, and on the other side, I’ll probably sob, smile, and feel good, after 35 minutes and beyond.

Do that very thing you’ve always wanted to do, you’ll thank yourself after.

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